A Career in Helping others to regain Health is Personally rewarding

Welcome to Windsong School of Healing Ltd.

We are extremely excited to announce our newest program for offering! This program combines Accupressure and yoga to enhance your skills towards a personal theraputic practice. Focus is on Chakra, 5 Element, and Energy theories combined into a whole system of Body Mind and Spirit for diagnosing and treating body imbalances that underly illness and prevent healing. Using specific Yoga Asanas, Marma, Meridians and Energy  techniques ; the therapist targets imbalance and facilitates therapy for the client to incorporate into their daily life. This creates better health and well being in Body Mind and Spirit to aid the client in their own self cure. Email for more information.

Our First Offering of the Clinical Yoga Therapist course is Here!

Beginning June 17, 2019 

Onsite Practical Learning July 29th to August 30th 2019

Clinical Yoga Therapist