~520 Distance Hours
Anatomy & Physiology Musculoskeletal Anatomy, The Integumentary & Nervous Systems (220 Hours in Anatomy Physiology Holistic Health Connectionin #100)
Contraindications, Social Interactions, Ethics and Business Practices (60 hours in #100)
Pathology and the patterns of illness
Tendino-Muscular Points in the Namikoshi Routine
Charting Twelve meridians and Eight Extraordinary Channels (Vessels, Flows)
Yin/Yang and Five Element theory
The Vital Essences, Zang and Fu, the Curious Organs, and The Three Burners (San Jiao)
Location of acupressure points, potent points, Source & Luo Points, Marma Points
Oriental analyses skills ~ tongue analysis & pulse analysis, 8 principles of Diagnostics, 5 Element Wu Sheng, 5 Phase Theory
Points of Caution & Contraindications

~185 Onsite Hours.
Basic overall Back, Neck, Shoulder and Whole Body release patterns
Body stretching and point work for chi balancing
Applying Pressure in Meridians and Eight Extraordinary Channels
Applying points and pathways of organ meridians and strange flows
Body Dynamics (Kata) of the Practitioner during Practice
Relaxation Warm up and Namikoshi basic NeuroMuscular Routine
Side (Ouga), Prone (Fukuga), and Supine (Gyoga) Positions

~100 Hours in Clinic Study.
Specific conditions of imbalance in the 5 Elements, Meridians, Body systems, and Energy Systems are studied using Oriental Bodywork Methods. Students will complete 10 full case studies which include Diagnostics and Health History; Client Handouts for self care to support therapeutic practice; and Practitioner Investigation, Session Notes and Summaries. 4 Sessions are required for each case study to develop ongoing Healership Skills.

Case Studies are designed to compile practitioner knowledge and give students experience with creating large reports and client summaries for clinical use and report preparation. Students can expect to spend 10 Hours per case study in preparation and completion.

Hands on student clinic practical in all Oriental Bodywork techniques in a learning and professional clinic environment is done Onsite. Practical application of skills taught in class is used in applying techniques during sessions given to clients served by the Student Clinic. A professional Practitioner supervises sessions, gives feedback, and grades the level of work in clinic.
Upon successful completion, graduates will be able to perform the following Oriental Bodywork sessions with clients:
15 minute oriental analyses consultation
15 - 30 minute Chair Bodywork session
30 minute Neck, Shoulder and Back Table session
60 minute full Acupressure table session
60 or 120 minute combination table session using all oriental bodywork skills learned
60 or 90 minute Hot Waterstone Shiatsu
60 or 90 minute Full Body Acupressure Relaxation Massage with Oils