.History of Shiatsu and development of therapies in the West
.Anatomy Physiology Pathology Holistic Health Connection 220 hours
.Namikoshi Shiatsu principles of treatment in Neuro Muscular Cutaneovisceral Responses
.Meridian (Keiraku) & Derivative Shiatsu principles of treatment: Zang and Fu Organ Theory, Meridian Location and Extensions
.Practical application of 5 Element and Meridian Theory in the 8 principals of Diagnosis, Tongue and Pulse Theory, Meridian Shiatsu Reflex Theory, Amoeba Phase Theory
.Contraindications and Social Impact: Instruction includes ~ Practice Protocol, Ethical Standards, Client Practices and Safety
.12 Systems + 1 Anatomy and Physiology of Meridians and Organs in Practice Western Meets Eastern Theory

.Practice of Ouga, Fukuga, and Gyoga Positions in Floor Shiatsu
.Review of Musculoskeletal Anatomy of Movement In Stretching
.Use of varying pressure gradients and Meridian Points (Keiketsu)

.Students will learn routines that provide for 60 or 90 minute Floor Shiatsu Session employing techniques in Ouga (side), Fukuga (Prone), and Gyoga (Supine) using Keiraku and Shiatsu Derivative Theory
.Hara and Back reflex assessment and treatment is studied and applied
.Developing Treatment Styles and Routines for Shiatsu 5 element and Meridian Pathologies
.Clinical notes and profiles for client records. Developing and implementing forms and legal documents for practices
.Assessment and treatment in Integrated Modalities

100 hours assigned in clinic study.
Students choose Ten clients to chart and assess case study and treatment protocols. Case studies are written in report format and focus on treatment patterns and outcomes to increase professional skills in a learning environment. Each case study requires 4 sessions of Shiatsu to be done with the client. Students should plan for 10 hours to complete each case study.

Hands on Student Clinic Practical in all Shiatsu techniques in a learning and professional clinic environment is done Onsite. Practical application of skills taught in class are used in applying techniques during sessions given to clients served by the Student Clinic. A professional Practitioner supervises sessions, gives feedback, and grades the level of work in clinic.