Hands and Fingers Feet and Toes... Ahhhh!

Chinese Reflexology Foot Hand And Face

Chinese Reflexology extends the theory of the Macrosystem treatment of the body whole in a micro extremity. A Natural Medicine practice handed down through generations; Reflexology has become a popular way to deal with stress in our modern society. Many Complementary Alternative Medicines including Aromatherapy now include Reflexology as a way to deliver healing to the body. Source, Luo, Facial, Palmar, and Plantar reflex points are stimulated through pressure to relieve related body areas by following neurological pathways.

Workshop participants will explore the following objectives in Class and Clinic Practice:

Defining areas and points for Massage, Tsubo, and Reflex therapy in the Feet, Hands, and Face
Defining and delineating the Stress response in the Body Mind and Emotion of the 5 Element Cycle
Applying Pressure methods for treatment and application
Applying Tools and methods used in pointwork
Exploring and learning the Ting, Luo, and Source points of the feet and hands
Employing Ethics, Contraindications and Safe Hygiene
Create and Employ Records, forms and Client Health Histories
Creating a parasympathetic environment
40 hours Manual pre study by Distance & Five Day Workshop. The Course requires 10 case studies with  40 sessions given and recorded.
120 Hours total study and training time. Course Completion time 6 months. $525

2018/2019 Scheduled Chinese Reflexology Onsite Workshop: 

November 19, 2018 to November 23, 2018

March 4, 2019 to March 8, 2019