Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ 

The CHHSP is a foundation in Holistic Healing that activates the body's natural ability to heal by initiating the parasympathetic state. The program focuses on reaching the three points of healing through Mind, Body  & Spirit using methods of Oriental Bodywork, Elemental Iridology & Nutritional Profiling, and Energy Medicine. A broad array of Healing Modalities are taught within a foundation of 5 Element , Earth Medicine, and Chakra Theories giving the practitioner many avenues to work from or combine. Upon Completion of the CHHSP Program,  practitioners can specialize in their chosen modality to go on to further Mastery and study.

As Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (CHHP™) & Integrated Shiatsu Therapist  (IST©) graduates, we are able to serve a wide cross section of the public. This CHHSP Diploma offers the highest quality of basic and advanced training taught by a Faculty highly skilled in these subjects and practicing currently in their fields. Upon graduation from the program, there is a Mentorship Program available in graduate clinic work for those graduates not quite ready to start out on their own. Graduates have found success in many niches in this field with:

Other health care professionals, such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, etc.
Spas, Fitness Clubs, Recreational Resorts, Beauty Salon Spa combinations, Cruise Ships, Health Ranches, Private Clubs
Women's Centres, Community Recreational Centres, Hospice
Working in own home office
Working in a professional location

Windsong School of Healing Ltd. also offers Employment Opportunities:

Graduates may apply  to work in our Clinic as Graduate  Practitioners to gain Professional Experience. CHHP™ and R.S.T. candidates with two years professional experience may apply to Windsong College of Healing Arts for Supervisory or TA positions in the Practical Student Clinic and Program Courses

Course Modules                                                                                                          

The Certified Holistic Health § Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma program consists of completion of the following courses for 1660 Hours of Study and Training. Please see the courses page for further details and Course Outlines and Objectives.

101 § 201 Oriental Bodywork  525 hours
103 § 203 Energy Medicine  300 Hours
104 § 204 Elemental Iridologist (Requires completion of #205) 190 Hours
205 Auriculotherapy 40 Hours
102 § 202 Floor Shiatsu 545 Hours
100 Ethics and Business 60 Hours

The Certified Holistic Health § Shiatsu Practioner Diploma is offered as an Onsite Intensive or Distance Onsite Combined Program. In the Distance Onsite Combined, theory is studied in a distance and online platform qualifying students for the onsite intensive practical application and Student Clinic Practical. Upon completion of the Theory and Onsite, students will complete Self-directed Case Studies to amalgamate their learning and solidify their skills.

The multi year structure is an open entry that allows the student to take a respite in learning and still continue with practice in areas completed.

APPLICATION AND REGISTRATION FEE: Domestic $100, International $250

Q & A

Do I have to take the whole course in an 11 month period?
No, as of 2015, you are able to take the course as an individual course or module study, a Full Onsite 11 month study,  and the Combined Distance Intensive or 18 month Full Study. The modalities are now offered as complete modules by Distance Combined Study. This allows students to take as much time as they need to complete their diploma and still earn their recognition certificates while they continue towards the Diploma.

What is the benefit of obtaining a "Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma" from Windsong College of Healing Arts?
According to The government statistics on workbc.ca our industry is rated for excellent growth and stability and in 2015 there will be one job opening for every job seeker. The 2020 forecast is for 2 job openings for every job seeker.

Our CHHSP Diploma program is structured to give our graduates the best possible training in a short period of time that can be quickly applied to existing skills or, adapted to the workforce. Students work in an apprentice style learning environment to build skills alongside their professional teachers. CHHP™ & IST© graduates carry their skills with them and can be employable while travelling or even employ their skills at events they attend.

Our 11 month Intensive CHHSP Diploma program includes Holistic Therapies and Shiatsu skills. This Oriental Bodywork skill allows you to work with Destination Resorts, Spas, Fitness Studios, private practice and gives you an excellent competitive edge. Holistic Skills include Oriental Bodywork techniquessuch as Acupressure, Shiatsu, Shiatsu Spa, AcuChi, Chinese Reflexology, Oriental Diagnostic skills, analyses skills; Energy Medicine - Chakra balancing, Reiki Master Practitioner , Crystal Healing Techniques, Intuitive Radiesthesia & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Color and Chakra Energy, Bach Flower level 1, Medicine of the Trees; Five Element Iridology and Nutrition skills; Auriculotherapy, Ethics of Touch and Business Mastery skills. 

The percentage of alternative, or holistic, health care workers is growing exponentially. Our graduates are able to confidently work in a variety of health care areas using some or all of their skills.

Is it necessary to attend at the school to complete your programs?

It is necessary to attend at the premises to receive full credentials for the Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner program. Distance Learning studies are offered along with the Onsite Practical required for Combined Distance Learning.  Onsite Intensive and Distance Combined Studies are now open for application.

a Career Helping others Heal is Personally rewarding 

Apply Online by filling out the form and submitting your documents to the Admissions Office

Admission Requirements
General Admission requires:
Grade 12 Graduation or Post-Secondary Education or Training as a mature student; Written Student Interview with 2 Letters of Recommendation; Resume; Medical Clearances Letter; Government issued identification; Criminal Record Check for Onsite attendance and working in Student Clinic. Payment of Application Fee.

International Students will provide the General Admission requirements, a valid visa, and follow the Policies for Language Proficiency by submitting qualifying test scores from recognized standard ESL Testing. 

Applicants for General Admission to the Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma Program must meet all requirements. No Waivers Apply.

Student Interview:

References Template:

18 Month Interview:

Criminal Record Request: 

Medical Clearance: 

Policies and Program Guide:

Admissions ESL & Policy

Our Next Offering of the 2 Year Regular 

CHHSP Diploma Program: March 18, 2019

Our Next Offering of the 11 month Intensive CD

CHHSP Diploma Program: March 18, 2019