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Recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association as part of the CHHP™ Designation

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Reflex Studies completed with Chinese Reflexology & Auriculotherapy

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ Designation

Elemental Iridologist

This Iridology Practitioner course is based on German and Western Iridology, with main reference to the works of IIPA Iridologists, Bernard Jensen, and Paul Pitchford. The Whole Foods and Oriental Medical Traditions of Iridology are based on the Windsong Five Element Iridology Manual by teacher, Lori-Ann MacLeod. Lori-Ann is an Elemental Iridologist and combines Five Element Theory with Energy Outcomes and Nutritional Cleansing Techniques. Elemental Iridology is also synchronized with Oriental Bodywork and Meridian Theory to compliment the CHHP™ training received at Windsong School of Healing.

Five Element Iridology combines Western and Eastern analytical concepts and is taken as part of the CHHSP Diploma Program taught at Windsong School of Healing, or as separate component for Distance Learning. This course has immense value to all holistic health practitioners and can also be taken as a continuing education course.

104 and 204: Five Element Iridology and Nutrition: 190 hours of instruction when taken within the Diploma course (CHHP™).

Words from Course Graduates

My questions always get answered, my instructors seem to be on target and give me lots of encouragement.  I am really enjoying the school!

Course Manual and supporting material are excellent and up to date.  They also use modern reporting charts for clients and business which can easily be used by me in my present practice.

This course is really fascinating and I know I will use all the skills and knowledge I learned here for the rest of my life!  Thank you for a great experience!

An excellent way to begin a lifelong study!

It is really great to have many styles of analyses put into one overall course.  I can use muscle testing, tongue reading and pulse, then confirm my findings by analyzing the client's eyes!  This gives me great credibility with my client and makes me much more confident in my report to the client.  Thank you Pauline for creating such a great combination of skills in your Manual!

As an acupuncturist I have found Iridology to be an excellent analyses tool, easily combined with pulse and tongue analyses.  Recommend this course for any serious practitioner.

Iridology is more than a modality, it has led to a passion to see into the Elements of the body through the eyes

It was natural to take my knowledge from all of the CHHP courses and translate it into the eyes towards a complete diagnostic and treatment system for revitalizing the body’s energies!