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Energy Medicine


Energy Medicine Practitioner

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ Designation

Energy Medicine is based on the belief that in order to help create total well-being we must act as an integrated whole. It is the basis of all Oriental Medicine working with Qi and taught throughout this Diploma program.

The "Chakra" or "wheel" or "disc"s are energy patterns found within centers of the body that resonate at different frequencies. Each chakra is closely associated with a specific organ or endocrine gland. These spinning vortices of energy are part of the subtle energy system from which we heal our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Chakras operate like interconnected, self-opening, valves that channel the "electrical current" of the life force into the body. A dysfunction or blockage in one part of the system has an impact on all the other parts. Such malfunctioning occurs when that same energy flowing through the chakras is either excessive or deficient.

Rooted as far back in time as 2500 BC, the chakra system takes a complete view of human experience, integrating the natural tendency for equilibrium into the many layers that make up the Self.

Basic training in Energy Medicine brings us to the core level of disease. It teaches us to use our own awareness to find and heal the places within that are awaiting to be restored to wholeness. It awakens the heart chakra, teaches how to focus conscious awareness on the lessons of the soul. The unseen relationship between music, droning, toning, mantra and chant are taught to better enable the Energy Medicine practitioner to meet various client needs.


• Reiki First and Second Degree in the Usui System Reiki First degree is teaches the three pillars of the Usui system and focuses on the personal self development through Gassho; developing Reiki Awareness through Reiji-Ho; and treating in the seven methods through Chiryo. The Second Degree teaches the use of the Reiki Symbols and the mastery of the Reiki Energy outside the self for off body and distance work. Balancing the chakras and Qi are central in the Second Degree. And developing an awareness of the aura connected to the body systems is enhanced through work in the Chakra Body Points with AcuChi, Crystals, Color, Sound and, Guided Meditation. There is a one month distance study in Chakras, Aura, Energy Awareness, and Vibrational Energy Techniques required to take this class.
 Bach Flower Level 1 with Sarah Brune Become familiar with all 38 of Dr. Bach's remedies; Learn how and when to use the remedies in everyday life; Gain insight into the history and healing philosophy of Dr. Bach; Learn the indications for all 38 remedies via case studies, examples and practical exercise; Course approved by the Bach Centre in the UK; Course sponsored by Bach Original Flower Remedies.
• Medicine of the Trees with Sue Peters This course is a preparation in working with Plant Spirit Medicines and Tree Energies. Students will explore methods of connecting with their environment and heightening awareness to adapt the medicines of the trees to use.  Methods of journalling , meditating, connecting and identifying are studied in preparation for Tree Medicine Recipe preparation and completion. There is a one month distance study required to prepare for this class.
• Pendulums and Tibetan Singing Bowls with Amyah LaBreche This level 1 look at Medical Dowsing  teaches students to open levels of awareness and intuition to use Dowsing techniques which tap into Energy Dignosis and treatment. The History of Dowsing, What are pendulums? How to use charts and the Auric Bodies are investigated and practiced in this class. Students will also explore the history and use of specific Tibetan Singing Bowls 

Upon successful completion of your Energy Medicine Course graduates will be able to perform the following sessions with their clients: 
• 10 minute client energy analyses
• 20 to 30 minute Energy Medicine session using sound and toning
• 20 to 30 minute Energy Medicine session using color visualization
• 1 to 2 hour sessions combining oriental bodywork techniques with crystal healing and journeying
• 1 hour session using crystals and guided meditation visualizations with client
• 1 hour session with Reiki or Distance Healing Techniques
• Breathing and Relaxation Coaching for Stress Relief and Pain Management


•Connecting with your Higher Self
•Grounding Higher Dimensions
•Awareness Release Technique
•Transformation of Core Issues
•Connecting with Your Inner Child
•Transmissions of Light
•Improved Memory and Learning Skills
•Strengthened immune system
•Improved Intuitional Awareness 

#103/203 is a 300 hour course with 150 Hours of Distance Study in Theory over 11 weeks and 150 Hours in Practical Application over 4 weeks Onsite, dedicated to personal growth and healing techniques which involve various Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Yoga exercises and information incorporating meditation skills, solo exercises to increase your personal energy, and Perception of Energy Flow. You will learn how to do psychic cleansing in preparation for working on others and psychic tuning to better enable energy rapport with clients. Crystal energy, the power of various crystals and gems in healing are used in practice. Music is incorporated through toning, chanting, rattles and the human voice. Advanced Color Healing techniques in Chakra Body Points and Chakra Balancing Lead into AcuChi JinShin and Reiki. Energy Healing Case Studies integrated into  overall health studies complete the program. Hours are credited to the 1650 hour Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma and become part of the 1020 hour Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ Designation.

Words from Course Graduates:

This course helped me personally and professionally. Overall the course exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wishing success in the holistic field!

Field trips are very beautiful and there is emphasis on extra sharing time. This is a very dynamic course and I am finding it excellent for personal growth.

I would recommend this course for anyone who is searching for a higher meaning in life as well as to learn skills which are very rewarding and fulfilling!


Windsong College of Healing Arts is an exclusive private career college dedicated to training holistic health professionals. Classes are small with the main emphasis on developing Certified Holistic Health Practitioners™.

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• Program recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada 

• Program recognized by the Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia 

• Resource School with The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners

• Components recognized by Shiatsu Associations, BCATA, AOBTA.