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Energy Medicine Practitioner Certification Course #103 #203  

2018/2019 Scheduled Energy Medicine Onsite Practical: 

September 4, 2018 to September 28, 2018

June 3, 2019 to June 28, 2019

Individual Course:

Combined Distance over 1 year. Online studies, Onsite Practical, Case Studies and Healership Skills Onsite Practical

Title: Energy Medicine Practitioner

Course Costs: $100 Application Fee; $1,500 Online CoursePac; $1,750 Onsite Practical Tuition; $1,000 Books and Supplies

Energy Medicine is based on the belief that in order to help create total well-being we must act as an integrated whole. It is the basis of all Oriental Medicine working with Qi and has its roots in the beginnings of mankind.

The "Chakra" or "wheel" or "disc" is made up of energy patterns found within centers of the body that resonate at different frequencies. Each chakra is closely associated with a specific organ or endocrine gland. These spinning vortices of energy are part of the subtle energy system from which we heal our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Chakras operate like interconnected, self-opening, valves that channel the "electrical current" of the life force into the body. A dysfunction or blockage in one part of the system has an impact on all the other parts. Such malfunctioning occurs when that same energy flowing through the chakras is either excessive or deficient.

Rooted as far back in time as 2500 BC, the chakra system takes a complete view of human experience, integrating the natural tendency for equilibrium into the many layers that make up the Self. The Chakras are connected to the Nadis (a series of meridians between the body and the Auras) which overlay the Meridians of Oriental Medicine on the body. The subtle energy channels can be disturbed through trauma both physical and energetic. As we are a microsystem of a greater cosmos, we can also be unsettled during times of natural disruption or by not moving smoothly through the phases of change in the seasons. Mother Earth sustains us by supporting and nourishing the Jing Essence (Life Source akin to our genetic inheritance) while we gain life energy from the Tao or Universal Life Source through spiritual practice. Imbalances in these two life sustaining systems lead to ill-ness or dis-ease in the corporeal frame.

Basic training in Energy Medicine brings us to the core level of disease. It teaches us to use our own awareness to find and heal the places within that are awaiting to be restored to wholeness. It awakens the heart chakra, teaches how to focus conscious awareness on the lessons of the soul. The unseen relationship between music, droning, toning, mantra and chant are taught to better enable the Energy Medicine practitioner to meet various client needs.

The following studies will be undertaken to fulfill the objectives of this course: 

Energy Medicine Practitioner is a 440 hour course dedicated to Practitioner Skills and Healing Techniques which involve various Meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Yoga exercises and information incorporating Psychic Awareness skills, solo exercises to increase your personal energy, and Perception of Energy Flow. You will learn how to do psychic cleansing in preparation for working on others and psychic tuning to better enable energy rapport with clients. Crystal energy, the power of various crystals and gems in healing are used in practice. Sound Therapy is incorporated through toning, chanting, rattles and the human voice. Advanced Color Healing techniques in Chakra Body Points and Chakra Balancing Lead into AcuChi JinShin and Reiki. Hours may be credited to the 1660 hour Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma and become part of the 1020 hour Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ Designation.

Reiki First and Second Degree in the Usui System Reiki First degree is teaches the three pillars of the Usui system and focuses on the personal self development through Gassho; developing Reiki Awareness through Reiji-Ho; and treating in the seven methods through Chiryo. The Second Degree teaches the use of the Reiki Symbols and the mastery of the Reiki Energy outside the self for off body and distance work. Balancing the chakras and Qi are central in the Second Degree. And developing an awareness of the aura connected to the body systems is enhanced through work in the Chakra Body Points with AcuChi, Bach Flowers, Crystals, Color, Sound and, Guided Meditation. There is a one month distance study in Chakras, Aura, Energy Awareness, and Vibrational Energy Techniques required to take this class. 

Plant Essence Applications Become familiar with using the 38 Dr. Bach's remedies and Plant Energy Medicines in treating energetic imbalances. Students will apply the Bach Remedies and Plant Essences to the Marma System of Chakra Body Points, matching the Remedies to the Chakra and Auric imbalances gained through emotional, mental and spiritual trauma. 

Plant Energy Medicines This course is a preparation in working with Plant Spirit Medicines and Tree Energies. Students will explore methods of connecting with their environment and heightening awareness by using their physical senses in awareness of what the plant is and does to adapt the medicines of the plants to use as smudges, room clearing sprays and essences.  Methods of journalling , meditating, connecting and identifying are studied in preparation for Plant Medicine Recipe preparation and completion. There is a one month distance study online required to prepare for this class.

Medical Dowsing and Advanced Energy Techniques This investigative study of  Medical Dowsing  teaches students to open levels of awareness and intuition to use Dowsing techniques which tap into Energy Dignosis and treatment. The History of Dowsing, What are pendulums? Creating your own dowsing wands. How to use charts and the Auric Bodies are investigated and practiced in this class. Students will use Crystals, Color and Sounds to change vibrations and check outcomes with dowsing work.

Energy Medicine Skills and Techniques Students will explore skills in applying vibrational medicines to the human body and Aura using Crystals, Color, Sound, Meditation and Physical movement through Yo Gong (Medical Yoga and Qi Gong). Sound work includes rattles, drums, Thibetan Singing Bowls, Human Voice and Natural sounds of the Five Elements. 

Contraindications, Ethics and Business, Anatomy Physiology Holistic Health Connection, Case Studies and Healership  Skills  #100  140 hours Online Study as Course requisite for certification. Energy Healing Case Studies by distance incorporate into overall health studies to complete the course.

Upon successful completion of your Energy Medicine Course graduates will be able to perform the following sessions with their clients:  
10 minute client energy analyses 
• 20 to 30 minute Energy Medicine session using sound and toning 
• 20 to 30 minute Energy Medicine session using color visualization 
• 1 to 2 hour sessions combining oriental bodywork techniques with crystal healing and guided meditation
• 1 hour session using crystals, sound and guided meditation visualizations with client 
• 1 hour session with Reiki or Distance Healing Techniques 
• Breathing and Relaxation Coaching for Stress Relief and Pain Management 

You may experience some or all of the following during studies in this course:

Connecting with your Higher Self  ~ Grounding Higher Dimensions  ~ Awareness Release Technique  ~ Transformation of Core Issues  ~ Connecting with Your Inner Child  ~
Self-Empowerment  ~ Transmissions of Light and Energy ~ Improved Memory and Learning Skills ~ Strengthened immune system ~ Improved Intuitional Awareness 

Online Theory and Distance: 290 hours ~ 13 weeks          Onsite Study: 150 Hours ~ 4 weeks          Homework Expectations: 5 hours per week

Words from Course Graduates:
Best thing I had done in a couple decades. With the skills, knowledge and confidence gained while enrolled, the opportunities are limitless to where, who, and what I can help treat. It has been a growing and enlightening experience to say the least, an experience worth the time and effort.    Be well, Melo

"Out of my head, Into thee Heart!" You truly guided me to believe in my powers within... Your words, Charisma & Smile are embedded in my soul. Together our wisdom grows! BA

I enjoyed the experience, education, and clinic applications so much, that I decided to stay on for the Energy Medicine Modalities, which was the icing on the cake for me, bringing all of the lessons together. Life has taken on new meaning, with a clearer understanding, expectations, and vision. A Gilchrist