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Lori-Ann MacLeod

Lori-Ann MacLeod

Leah Ursic

Leah Ursic

Sue Peters

Sue Peters

Sarah Brune

Sarah Brune

Amyah Labreche

Amyah Labréche

  Lori in Tofino

Lori-Ann MacLeod, B.A., CHHP, RST, EBM, ReikiMT:  She has studied and practiced extensively in the holistic health field and is committed to pasing on her learning and experience to others.

"Healing the World is not about reforming it in your own image. Rather, hold it in your arms in Compassion and Awareness and allow it to fail  and grow in its own right with Love, Support and Gratitude."


Lori has trained and worked in Energy Work for over 30 years and incorporated Oriental Bodywork and Iridology into her path in 2001, when she attended and Graduated from Windsong under the teachings of Pauline Wolf. "As a child, I was facinated with nature and animals and enjoyed the communication and connection that I found there. Experiencing and sensing the world energetically and experientially, I now feel at home moving in the energies and worlds around me. This has been a wonderful journey and the knowledge has shown me how much more there is to learn while I follow the paths that life leads me along."

Lori also has an extensive history in owning and managing her own Eastern Arts Therapy Clinic specializing in holistic therapies and education in Port Alberni, B.C., where she had begun to train Elemental Bodywork Practitioners. This training combined Oriental Bodywork and Energy Medicine modalities into AcuChi, a treatment focused on aligning the Body Mind Spirit Connection in total Balance. Lori has also developed a full therapeutic 4 Paws AcuChi treatment and has been working therapeutically and energetically with animals for over 25 years. Lori lived, worked, and studied Shodo, Sui BoKu Ga and Healing Arts in Oita, Japan for 6 years.

Bringing together her experiences and modalities from all over the world, Lori is now Facilitating in Four Paws Bodytalk and Holistic Therapies and teaching Oriental Bodywork, Shiatsu Modules, Energy Medicine, Five Element Iridology and Nutrition Profiling, and Auriculotherapy for Windsong School of Healing Ltd.. Lori's goal is to pass on her skills and learning so gratefully acquired from her teachers and mentors throughout her lifetime of studies in the Holistic Field of Learning. 

Sue Peters: Sue is a workshop facilitator in Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing Techniques using Earth Medicines. She adds Shaman Techniques for grounding and lifeskills in Practitioner Issues. Sue is a well known and much respected Energy Medicine Practitioner and Shaman. She has been practising and teaching for over 40 years and brings a world of experience to her rich and exciting classes. Sue runs her own education and practice through Inner Journies in Alberta, the interior of BC, and the West Coast. Instructs: Energy Medicine Earth Medicines and Lifeskills.

Energy Medicine Seminars and Shaman Techniques for Practitioner Lifeskills Workshops: Words from Sue ~ I have communicated with nature and nature spirits all of my life. As a child, I learned how to walk easily between the worlds and this awareness has never left me. Because of my deep sense of connection with nature and the spirit world, it was a natural progression for me to learn at a deeper level the ways of working with Earth medicine. It feels so good to just stop and listen to nature…to work with her energy and to flow within the natural rhythms she moves in. By teaching classes on Earth Energies, Animal and Plant Communication, Elemental Forces, Reiki, Ra-Sheeba, Amara-Omni, Hawaiian Huna, Guarani Shamanic Healing and Munay-ki (Andean Shamanism), I am able to blend in the combined energies of Nature and Spirit. I love sharing this energy and knowledge with others in some magikal and practical ways so we can open doors and move out of a stuck place into our many unlimited possibilities.

Amyah Labréche: Amyah is a workshop facilitator in Energy Medicine Auric Studies and Sound Healing Studies. She works in Radiesthesia and teaches Energy Medicine Dowsing and Thibetan Singing Bowls.

Words from Amyah: Amyah Labrèche is a published bilingual author and teacher. She gives courses, workshops and lectures ~ in French and English ~ in several holistic health-related and scientific domains and writing techniques like journaling and memoirs. She is a radiesthesist and an intuitive dowser for more than 25 years. Amyah studied radiesthesia, geobiology and remote viewing in France and Belgium at the Servranx Institute and other specialized schools and worked for several mining companies as dowser as well as teaching the techniques ~ including remote viewing, radionics and psionic ~ for work, health and personal uses. She also has a passion ~ and life-long studies ~ for archæological research of the pre-incaïc and pre-historic highly evolved civilizations.

Amyah also teaches the mesmerizing world of sound therapy with Thibetan bowls as well as crystallotherapy.

By being herself vegetarian for many years and now mostly vegan raw, she has a good knowledge of the interaction of food on health and love teaching about her passion for healthy food, from scrumptious and simple raw desserts and nut cheeses to healing juices and green smoothies.

Sarah Brune: Bach Flower Remedies Level 1 Trainer Certified by BIEP Workshop in Bach Flower Remedy Level 1

Sarah Brune is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, and instructor for the Bach International Education Program (BIEP), introductory course on the Flower Remedies of Dr. Edward Bach (Level One).Sarah is pleased to be able to offer the introductory level of the BIEP training program on the flower remedies of Dr. Edward Bach. In Canada this program is organized by Bach Flower Education and sponsored by Nelsons, and approved by the Bach Centre, UK. 

In addition to teaching, Sarah runs a successful Bach Flower business in the Comox Valley, and is the author of the popular book ‘Bach Flower Reflections…from a unique fresh perspective’. For more information –

Leah Ursic: Elemental Bodywork Practitioner; Certificates in Reiki, Energy Medicine, Hot Waterstone Shiatsu; Human Services Worker Diploma; Education Assistant; Registered Aromatherapist and Essential Oils Therapist: Teaches workshops in Aromatherapy with Elemental and Chakric Referencing.

Leah instructs workshops in Aromatherapy and modality specific Holistic Healing Methods. Leah is a Registered Aromatherapist, Essential Oils Therapist and Elemental Bodywork Practitioner with background in Energy Medicine, Oriental Bodywork, and counseling as well as assistant teaching in the public school system. Leah runs her own practice through Lotus Holistic Health in Port Alberni, B.C. and has created a wonderful line of Aromatherapy Oils for working with clients and practitioners alike.


Wndsong School of Healing Ltd. is a Holistic therapies and education facility focused on passing on the traditions of healing with natural and energetic methods.

• Member of Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses

• Workshops are recognized by the Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia for continuing education credits for R.S.T. members

• Resource School with The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners 

• Workshops are recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association for Continuing Education credits for CHHP™ and members.


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