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Join us in our student clinic and enjoy our quality services at a student rate!

Relax Rejuvenate Replenish

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Student Practical & Clinic Hours:

Student Clinic is in Session

Thursday and Friday 10:00am to 6:30pm 

Clinic is closed Weekends and Holidays

Book through our office Tuesday to Friday 

During Clinic Hours

Student Practical Clinic Services Fees:

1 Hour Bodywork Session               $30

1 Hour Energy Work Session         $30

 Monthly Specials: $100 4 Session Punch Pass 

SAVE $20 on 4 Sessions

Graduate Services Fees:

1 Hour Session                 $40

Add Personalized Essential Oils or Hot Stones for $10 

Professional Service Fees:

1 Hour Energy Work Session                 $60

1 Hour Bodywork Session                        $60

1 Hour Bodywork with Hot Stone Warmup        $75

90 minute Integrated Healing Session                    $90

Add Personalized Essential Oils with Hot Stones for $15

Add T.E.N.S., Auriculotherapy or Laser for $15


Two Sessions of Shiatsu Punch Pass for $100

Professional Service Practitoners have 3 or more years of experience

By Appointment Only

Our client services are non-invasive therapies rooted in the Oriental Bodywork and Chakra traditions of Holistic Medicine. Through gentle relaxation and restoration of flow, the body’s own healing mechanisms are triggered into response and the process of rejuvenation begins.

Iridology is the art and science of reading the Iris and Sclera to assess the conditon of the Body, Mind and Spirit. Iridology assists in the planning of sessions, lifestyle programs, Reflex Therapies, and Auricular Balancing.

Auriculotherapy & Hand and Foot Reflexology uses reflex points located on the ears, hands, and feet to balance areas of dis-ease and release tension and negative blocked energies. The therapies are excellent for circulation, relaxation, and the release of tension throughout the body systems.

Oriental Bodywork uses Tsubo, or reflex points along the meridians of the body to re-establish circulation and reduce tension. Used to reduce stress and promote relaxation, the therapies can reduce imbalance and create a healthier you. Join us for sessions in Shiatsu, Acupressure, or AcuChi Jin Shin.

Energy Medicine uses the flow of energy, blood and lymph to increase circulation, reduce stress and re-establish the connection between mind, body and spirit. Techniques used can relieve anxiety and strengthen both the physical and mental health of one’s being. Join us for Reiki, Reiki Massage,  AcuChi  Jin Shin, Crystal  Balancing, and Guided  Meditations.




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