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What is Self-Paced Study? 

Self-Paced study allows a student that has too many committments to take the Program at their own pace by studying and completing modules(sets of 100 and 200 level courses that complete a study in one subject) . Should you not be able to take the Program Full Time, you can opt to take modules when they are offered over a number of years. There is no limit to the time to finish the Diploma and all courses taken are credited towards the Diploma. There is a One-Year time limit for each Module to be completed. You need only apply once for admission and any modules  completed earn the title recognized by the professional association. You are charged only the tuition and fees for the module you choose when you register. 

Tiger     What is Distance Combined Study? 

Distance Combined Study allows students to take the theory portion of the Program from a distance and attend the hands-on practical learning onsite. The program is taught in Modules with one subject at a time presented. Each subject is broken down into theory and practical learning. Courses are 4 to 11 weeks long and have the practical portion presented in a 3 1/2 month onsite practical study at the end of the full Distance Learning. The history, theory, and technical information is presented first and leads up to the hands on routines for practice. Students undertake 10 case studies to apply theoretical knowledge in each module. Distance Students work through the study and assignments at home and join the classroom onsite for the Hands-on Learning with the instructor or seminar presenter. During their time onsite, The Distance Combined Students do their Student Clinic Practical through Eastern Arts Therapy in the Windsong School Supervised Student Clinic. 

Words from Course Graduates

As a Distance Combined Student, there were challenges. I had to be very self directed and self motivated to complete the assignemnts. But the fact that I was due to be onsite and keep up with the class helped me to find the motivation I needed to set a schedule and stick to it. I was able to continue working and raise my family while obtaining the skills I needed to become an honor graduate. It helped me to have support from my family and friends and of course, they were always happy to lend me their bodies to practice on! I graduated top in my class, opened a successful practice, and am now the lead instructor and owner of Windsong. Lori



If you are considering Self Paced or Distance Combined Study, we encourage you to contact our Admissions Office and discuss whether they are right for you!


Windsong College of Healing Arts  is an exclusive private career college dedicated to training holistic health professionals. Classes are small with the main emphasis on developing Certified Holistic Health Practitioners™.

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• Member of the National Association of Career Colleges 

• Program recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada 

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• Resource School with The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners 

• Components recognized by Shiatsu Associations, BCATA, AOBTA.


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