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Meridian Shiatsu

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102 & 202 FLOOR SHIATSU 

Meridian Shiatsu Therapist

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ Designation

Integrated Shiatsu Therapist ™ Designation

Shiatsu is a method of bodywork which allows us to give and receive care, warmth and healing through non-intrusive touch. Shiatsu greatly facilitates the movement towards greater human connection and co-operation in our highly industrialized, technological age.

Windsong is dedicated to aligning your Shiatsu training hours in a step by step format, to enable students to progress to an advanced level and use their training in a progressive way at each level of practice.

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Your Instructor:

Lori-Ann MacLeod, Registered Shiatsu Therapist, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ and Hot Waterstone Shiatsu Practitioner, obtained her Diploma and graduated with honors from Windsong School of Healing Ltd. in Canada. Along with her CHHP™ training, Lori-Ann has further training in Reiki, Munay Ki, Hot Waterstone Shiatsu, AcuChi, Ra Sheeba, Guarani Healing, Auriculotherapy, and Animal AcuChi. Lori has her Instructor Diploma IDP through the National Career Colleges Association and has taught for over 20 years. She has successfully run Eastern Arts Therapy Clinic and Aarastyn Holistic Awareness since 2002.

Curriculum of Instruction: 545 hours

Floor Shiatsu Shiatsu is a method of Oriental Bodywork well received by the general public. It allows Practitioners to give and receive care, warmth and health through non-invasive touch. It is applied with a slow deepening pressure helping to clear physical, structural and neurological ailments. It is a full body treatment and an excellent tool for offering clients an ongoing wellness package. 

#102 Shiatsu Theory Taught through Online Study:

#202 Namikoshi Style Floor 85 Hours Onsite

#202 Meridian Style Floor 100 Hours Onsite

Case Studies and Healership Skills 100 Hours Assigned in Distance Study

Hands on Student Clinic Practical  in all Shiatsu techniques in a learning and professional clinic environment is done Onsite. Practical application of skills taught in class are used in applying techniques during sessions given to clients served by the  Student Clinic. A professional Practitioner supervises sessions, gives feedback, and grades the level of work  in clinic.

Upon successful completion of this course, the following is awarded:

Required Book List * please note students may purchase Book Material for Shiatsu course from or the Book Depository.

Textbooks required :  

1)      Class Manual as supplied you by Windsong School of Healing
3)      The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted J Kaptchuk
4)      The Anatomy Student’s Self test Coloring Book
5)      Anatomy of Movement
6)      Shiatsu, Theory and Practice by Beresford-Cook

       Resource from OBT 101 and 201

Windsong College of Healing Arts is an exclusive private career college dedicated to training holistic health professionals. Classes are small with the main emphasis on developing Certified Holistic Health Practitioners™.

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• Member of BC Career Colleges Association and National Association of Career Colleges 

• Program recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada 

• Program recognized by the Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia 

• Resource School with The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners 

• Components recognized by Shiatsu Associations, BCATA, AOBTA.


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