Retreats and Workshops For Personal Interest

Aarastyn Holistic Awareness is a retreat for learning Holistic Healing and lifestyle, or just a chance to get away for yourself or a group. Enjoy Country Quiet in a healing atmosphere to replenish, rejuvenate, and refresh your body mind and spirit. Include Learning, Lifestyle, & Healing Sessions  in your stay!

4 Paws Bodytalk: Equine starts September 10th!

4 Paws Bodytalk Training is for animal lovers to create a better relationship with their furry friends or in two levels for practitioners to learn to employ methods of Acupressure and Energy Work with their animal clients.

Online theory training must be completed before the hands on practical: Scheduled  September 29-30 Equine1 &  October 13-14 Equine 2. Workshops are followed up with 10 case study sessions for completion. 

Contact our Office for bookings in Accommodations or Student Housing, Rates and Availability. WindsongAarastyn

Accommodations and Student Housing

Reiki First Degree Certification: September 4 to 7 $395 begin your Reiki journey with a 30 day pre study for self development using meditation and Wise Heart Practices and complete your level 1 and level 2 practitioner certificate for On Body Practice.

Floral Essence AcuChi Jin Shin Chakra Level: Hands On September 10 to 14  $750  Learn to Apply 38 Flower Essences to the Chakra Body Points (Marma), the Master and Couple Points, and Potent Points that represent the Chakras and Tsubos for balancing and rejuvenating the Body Mind Spirit Connection. Students will learn techniques and apply them to a variety of clients in our Student Clinic for practice. This course finishes with 10 Case Studies done distance to complete the 120 hours.

Plant Energy Medicines: September 17 to 19 $500 explore making smudges, room clearing sprays, Florida Waters, Essences, and Segueros for the Chakras and the Five Elements using local plants and trees gathered in nature walks on the 10 acres surrounding Windsong School of Healing. This is an excellent addition to any herbal healing or holistic nutrition training you have. Or, start your Floral Healing practice with both Floral Essence Acuchi Jin Shin and Plant Energy Medicines together.

Reiki Second Degree Certification: September 24 to 28 $395 continue your Reiki journey with vibrational medicines and distance healing methods. Explore sound, crystals, attuning, and emitted energies in level 3 and 4 to complete your Reiki Master Practitioner.